Because of its 40mm and thin design, the Daytona has always been one of my favorite but unmanageable labor models, but the good thing is that I can’t handle it and the Queen. I’ve had it for a while now, so I’ll share it with you while I have some time.

The case is the same, with the embossed Rolex crown.

The green colour and the gold crown are a great way to cover up the flamboyance.

First impressions: a sporty watch with a slightly more dignified look. The Daytona has always looked very trendy and sporty to me, after all it has three subdials and three crowns, which is the signature design of the Daytona, but of course this design is not for styling alone, the Daytona was created for racing timekeeping, well that’s a long story… The Daytona was created to be a racing watch, so far from it. In fact, you’ll find that the 40mm dial is probably the thinnest of the Rolex sports watches, so there’s no bulkiness to it.

PS, the current Daytona is a third-generation model, still with the old warranty, after all, if I were to show a new one today, the price would already be… Hey, hey…

October 2020 is probably the last batch of the old warranty, after that it’s basically the new warranty, so actually this model has already gone up a few thousand… It’s just a coincidence… But it seems logical…

I know this watch looks very similar to another very popular chocolate colorway posted by a friend on this forum, about that chocolate colorway you can jump here to see, there is also a good introduction to Daytona’s history and product positioning by the in-laws, so I won’t go into it again for today’s unboxing:

Let me start by saying that they have something in common:
Both have rose gold cases
both have Oysterflex straps
Both have a dark brown ceramic bezel

The next difference is:
The pink dial
The same pink subdials (this is important, as Daytona has many subdials that clash in colour, often in a different style)
The rectangular diamond hour markers

So this dial is a little more elegant than the popular chocolate colour scheme of the family, which makes it more suitable for girls, and I think it might even be the only uk fake rolex Daytona for girls, but of course it’s not uncommon for girls to wear men’s sports mechanical watches casually these days, so I’m just being “relative”.

Rolex often popular models are ceramic bezel, such as the water ghost series, but the Daytona is an anomaly, you know the early Daytona is not a ceramic bezel products, but still be called the “king of steel”, so it can be seen that the Daytona fire is not a ceramic bezel after the formation of the Daytona fire is really experienced The fire of Daytona really took place in 30 years, until the emergence of the ceramic ring, and hey, let’s just say it was a great time… As everyone expected…

However, compared to other models, the Daytona’s sapphire glass is significantly taller than the bezel, which somehow protects the non-ceramic Daytona from wear and tear, especially in precious metals, but you have to understand… The wear and tear of a non-ceramic bezel is inevitable, especially in non-platinum precious metals, and over time it will take a lot of time to get from the bezel to the case, so unless it’s a very individual colour scheme that you really want to get your hands on, you should try to get a ceramic bezel if you can. However, if you don’t care to replace the bezel at your own expense, I don’t think so. Other accessories are actually interchangeable.

The three crowns are very characterful, the two small ones have a basic knob function and a push chronograph function, the pressure is very mechanical, the sound is very crisp and beautiful, but the function is very weak… If you want to talk about the movement, it’s better to talk about the Sky-Dweller, but not many people love this watch… I’ll share this with you later, I’ve got 2 of these before and I haven’t had time to unbox them.

If I remember correctly, all the Daytona models have the word “Daytona” on the dial in red, and as for the other colours, materials, etc., the Daytona is probably the most combined model Fake Rolex has ever produced? Anyway, there are many, many more… I’ve always wanted a meteorite face, but I couldn’t afford it until it was discontinued, and who knows, in 2021 Rolex re-released the Daytona with a meteorite face, which shows how slow this field is developing… Is it really evolving?

I’d like to talk about the movement, after all it’s a mechanical watch not an electronic one…. It’s a 4130, automatic, with a power reserve of about 72 hours and water resistance to 100m. This is why steel watches are more practical and suitable for everyday wear. The dial is decorated with 8 small square-cut diamonds, with 3 diamonds in 3/6/9 positions.

The first thing we can see is that the clasp is still based on the same material as the case.

Open it up, eh? Isn’t this the same as the metal strap? Yes… The clasp is actually no different and can be adjusted slightly.

Most Rolexes now have to be stripped, but this one was half stripped when I got it, and the clasp still has some of the protective film that was not removed by delivery.

The Oysterflex is available in several sizes and in new condition you can change the length of the watch to suit your wrist, although the clasp can be fine-tuned, but by default, because of the thickness of the man’s wrist, I took the Queen to the watchmaker once.

Note that the back of the Oysterflex rubber strap is actually designed to fit and hold the watch in place, so that the protruding part deforms when worn, allowing the soft rubber to eat the weight of the uk replica rolex watch made of precious metal, thus giving it a stable fit, but the Oysterflex strap may still have an odour in summer due to sweating, and the black rubber may not match the overall colour scheme of the case or the style of the watch. The style is difficult to really say very suitable, so you want to change friends to change their own leather strap, Rolex official no can only change the third-party Oh.

The Daytona is one of the few sports watches that can be worn in formal wear and can be just the right thickness to fit into a shirt cuff. The Daytona, which is more mainstream than the lower barrier to entry, may be a very good choice for you on the road from steel to precious metal in mechanical watches, but it is also because after opening the door to precious metal that you will find: heavy, expensive and a lot of choice and damn easy to spend how can it be so pitiful! When the time comes, hey, the road… It’s still a long way off… Wear it and play with it.