It is said that a man becomes a man at thirty. As a laborer, I finally have my own working watch at this particular point in my life.

———- First, let’s talk about the process of choosing a watch ———-

The beginning of the year and a small partner to meet at the end of the year to enter the labor together, as the saying goes, more work is more reward, but also to set a small goal for themselves.

The first thing you need to do is to consider the super public-priced models, so your eyes are on the three treasures of the loser – the Airmaster, the Tanichi and the Green Glass.

But all three are old 31 series movements, with stable timekeeping, but a slightly shorter dynamic reserve of 48.

The 36mm logbook costs 6W+, which is over budget.

I just came across the 32 movement replacing the 31, and the constant movement is Rolex’s most entry-level model.

The 36mm and 41mm sizes are also perfectly sized to focus on the user’s pain points.

The lacquered discs are now a rare commodity, and are inevitably overpriced.

I’ve heard that the turquoise ones have doubled in price.

To be honest, I can’t get the beauty of lacquered plates at all!

In the end, I chose the 36mm silver Oyster Perpetual myself.

Radial disc, now black and blue silver basically have to wait 1-2 months

———- watch buying process ———-

As a native of Shanghai, I visited six Rolex agents in Shanghai within two days
(four on Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, one in Yaohan and one in IAPM on South Shaanxi Road)

The main Rolex agents in Shanghai are 1.Oriental Watch Company, 2.Hengdeli and 3.Zhou Shengsheng.

The Oriental Watch Company and Hengdeli have a lot of shops, but the service after entering the shop is not very friendly and the sales are full of hiring and selling.
In short it just makes you think, “I’m Rolex, you have to pay to buy”

It feels like these two agents will have more sporty models, with a high probability of the loser trio and no tying sales.
The Yacht, Tan2 and other sports models basically have to be tied properly

Tan2 now has to ride on the sale of 2.5W-3W potato watches ~~~~

In contrast, IAPM Zhou Sang Sang’s service is much better, this mainly or constant motion and log purchase probability is high.

After entering the fake watches uk shop, the counter sister is basically very calm and calm for you to book, and the watch arrived without a deposit, on time to pick up the watch on the good.

Previously, a picture of a worker’s underground with goods

———- next into the unboxing session ———-

The body watch box is really exquisite

Remove the lid, the signature green

Inside the watch box open is this transformed gold

All the accessories

Let’s start with the poor strap.

The engraving on the inside is enlarged and the texture is sensational

The lugs are not squared off, a slight pity

Rolex uniform caseback

The overall dial is silver, the bars, hands and small crown are all gold

The 18-carat gold crown is the reason why I chose silver. It is unique in this price range.

The gold hands look great in the sun

The chronometer markings are on the bottom

The next reason I chose silver is that

In different light, with the gold hands, it reflects champagne gold

Literally speaking – white wine

Slightly raised sapphire crystal

Thanks to the renewal of the 32 movement, with a 70-hour power reserve, the blued niobium balance spring is well resistant to the magnets of the iphone 12

A must-have small office ornament

———- Final summary ———-

A few words about my own feelings

The reason why Rolex is so sought after is really that once you get your hands on it you will find

Even the most basic beginner’s model you can see the dedication of a brand.

Whether it’s the dial, the hands, the engraving, the printing, the polishing, or the internal movement, the timekeeping, the tuning.

The moment you put it on, you realise it’s a good watch that is down to earth and does its job well.

If you think there’s something wrong with a Rolex, it’s probably because there’s nothing wrong with your own.

Life, that is, is constant motion!


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