Watch buying history

The first thing I did was to get a blue and black circle in Hong Kong in early March (the body is still in Hong Kong and has not been seen yet) and after the 50th Jund, one day a friend said he was going to get a full gold AP with a Coke circle and the price was right, so I really didn’t resist the urge to get one.
The actual rolex shop is basically a place where you can’t even see a normal rolex shop, but you can only book it at a higher price or get it from a dealer. Originally, I was also disdainful of the Coke Circle, but after I got my hands on fake rolex, I couldn’t help but shout really good and really good.

▼Looking forward to the arrival of the Kokomee Ring

▼Standard Rolex box, relatively small.

▼Rolex Green. The classic gold with green. The magic of the little gold crown

▼Large set, the whole green colour scheme, looks like a booklet is missing?

▼The Coke in the box is lying still, and the red and blue colour scheme is awesome.

▼I’ve never had a watch with a positive handle before

▼The green tag is said to stand for Super Chronometer certification

The real thing

▼Just washed

▼Double bubble lenses, homemade

▼The GMT is the same thickness as the Aquatimer, but the part of the case back that hugs the wrist is not slightly raised like the Aquatimer, so the overall fit is a little more snug.

The strap
▼The five-jewel bracelet feels really comfortable and fits better than the Oyster.

▼The back of the five-bead bracelet is nicely polished

▼The middle shiny part of the clasp is heavily scratched ……

Next, a set of shots taken with my phone + magnifying glass
▼Detail of the five-bead bracelet

▼Back polish

▼Small crown on the clasp. The stain on this ……

▼Rolex engraving on the strap

▼Increased view, these scratches are horrendous

▼Solid centre hand, looks like all fake watches have hollow centres

▼Red GMT hands. The workmanship of the Rolex is also mediocre, with uneven application of red paint

▼Hour, minute and second hands in one

▼Mercedes hand

▼Minute hand, which seems to have been done reasonably well

▼12 o’clock on the red and blue ceramic bezel

▼Number 6

▼Number 18

▼Small crown marker at 6 o’clock

▼Laser markers. 12 What’s all that above ……

Hands-on photos
▼In natural light, the red is darker and the blue is purplish

▼In sunlight, the colours turn brighter

▼Different styles in sunlight, the red and blue circles come out

▼It’s effortless with formal wear

▼Blue shirt

▼Red trousers

▼Everyday wear

▼The Goldie Brothers

▼Coke Ring Coke Ring with Pepsi

▼rolex’s luminous standard is always toxic

▼Luminosity in macro

A photo with the Fifty Joon brothers who entered the store around the same time

▼One blue luminous and one green luminous. Each has its own strengths

▼Trying on the zombie crossover, this blue is on the flashy side

The GMT is still lighter than the Aqua Ghost, seemingly 140g+, and with the addition of the five-bead chain, it is great for daily commuting.
2, dual time zone is relatively practical. However, if you don’t go abroad, the red GMT hand accents look good.
3, because of the epidemic the overall price has fallen a few thousand compared to the previous small.
4, the new movement is now stable, 72 hours of power is also sufficient.
5, ceramic ring can rotate in both directions, feel compared to the water ghost one-way click click click will be much better. The gears are bigger turning up a more lubricated feeling.
6, compared to the international rice is first do the whole circle of blue, and then on the basis of this do half circle of black, so the international rice blue more colorful. Coke is to do the whole circle of red first, and then do half a circle of blue, so the blue is purple.

  1. True fragrance. If you don’t consider the issue of premium, you can get it within your budget.

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